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Single Touch Payroll is up and running!

Good news for SuperChoice customers - Single Touch Payroll is up and running We are celebrating an important milestone this week. The first ever Single Touch Payroll submission was made by one of our clients (a payroll solutions provider) and was accepted by the ATO as a fully compliant report. Well ahead of their 1 July 2018 deadline. This is a great testament to our team who worked alongside the ATO as members of their Single Touch Payroll working group. First supplier to go live Another milestone we’re happy to claim is being the first supplier to go live with the latest ATO framework. Delivering STP messaging solutions that stood up to the test, fully compliant with ATO requirements and proven to work with this first submission. It’s also a reflection of the commitment we have to our platform and continued investment in it ($25+mil investment over 4 years).

The SuperChoice Single Touch Payroll (STP) solution is ready to go live, well ahead of the ATO start date (1 July 2018) and has stood up to robust testing as part of the ATO’s STP working group. Stuart Korchinski, CEO, SuperChoice

Are you ready? Is your existing supplier ready?

The countdown is on to 1 July. That's the date businesses are working towards to get Single Touch Payroll (STP) ready.

  • Our Single Touch Payroll functionality follows the ATO regulations.

  • Our STP messaging solution works across the board. We can support Payroll and Accounting Software, Payroll Services firms as well as Super Funds who can

provide it to their employers.

  • Our EmployerPay STP Portal also supports providers who provide employers with a white-labelled software solution.

  • We know our solutions work and we're 100% confident the ATO is happy with it too. We’re the first STP Sending Service Provider (SSP) to go into production using the latest ATO framework.

Talk to us about how we can help you get Single Touch Payroll ready.

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