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AUSkey is out and myGovID is in. Are you ready?

We get it. Boring admin changes like user ID’s are often on the bottom of the to-do-list until you absolutely have to do something. So heads up, now's the time to bump sorting out your myGovID to the top of your list.

On 27 March 2020, the ATO will retire AUSkey and you’ll need to use your myGovID for digital transactions.

Good news

SuperChoice has already implemented the changes.

We now support myGovID requirements and use Machine-2-Machine credentials which replace AUSkey.

This means our solutions are fully compliant and will continue to work for you before and after the AUSkey retirement.

The transition to myGovID is a smooth one for SuperChoice clients

Because you’ve already authorised SuperChoice for your digital transactions there’s no change to the current process. And nothing for you to do.


If you need to authorise anyone new, you’ll need to do so using your myGovID and through the Relationship Authorisation Manager.

What it means for digital transactions For you Anyone who doesn’t already have a myGovID needs to create one and verify their identity. You’ll then need to link your ID with the business you work with if you act on their behalf. For business use You need to authorise users via a new portal called Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). Once users are authorised, they will receive authentication verification messages on their phone. For providers Solution providers like SuperChoice, now need to transact using a new Machine to Machine (M2M) authentication solution. We’re live and ready.

How to set up your business

1) Current AUSkeyholders need to create a myGovID and verify their identity with the ATO

2) Users can then be linked to a business and their authorisations managed via a new Portal called Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)

Note: The ATO is best placed to help you with any myGovID queries so if you run into any issues contact them directly.


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