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Creating a new standard of Insurance Data

Transforming Insurance Data, one file at a time

When you work with data you rely on it to be right.

But right now, getting accurate, clean, and complete insurance data is a challenge.

Today’s workflow of spreadsheets, legacy systems, and manual intervention means your data gets to you in multiple formats.

Or doesn’t have all the information you need to make business decisions.

That’s why we developed InsuranceStream. 


Transforming the data transfer process throughout the ecosystem. Working seamlessly in the background to:

  • Streamline and Automate Data Collection

  • Introduce Standard Data and Messaging Formats

  • Validate and Correct Data at Source.

Giving you the right information when you need it.

Introducing InsuranceStream



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With InsuranceStream you can confidently make decisions

When you don’t have all the information you need at your fingertips, it’s harder to do your job.

With InsuranceStream you’ll have everything you need to meet your regulatory obligations, know, and predict potential risks in your portfolio.


·         Know your customers

·         Identify business risks

·         Reduce time and resource strain


Helping you make better decisions and get better business outcomes.

Save hours of costly re-work

Your admin team will thank you.

They’ll no longer have to manually update files and fill in the blank data fields. 

It all happens seamlessly in the background, saving you hours each time you need to transfer information. 

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Show me how

Ready to make better business decisions

with better data?

Want to know how InsuranceStream could transform your information? 

Get one of our Account Managers to give you a demo.

Customer Success Story

InsuranceStream is proven to save time and frustration.
Here’s a common scenario to show you how it works.

One of our clients manages over 60 schemes, each with their own data format.

They came to us, frustrated, information was provided in Excel files, with many data inconsistencies: random names, different headers, unrelated tabs in the files, multiple member records, and more.


We needed to give them a secure, simple way to transfer their data for the 60 schemes, and the other 280 on the way.   We suggested Insurance Stream.

InsuranceStream creates a standard data transfer process and file format to validate, enrich and fix data. The data is validated using user-defined JUEL(Java Unified Expression Language) rules. 

The rules are flexible, with room to define at many levels;

- all files
- sub-group
- individual file
- set enrichment fields.

InsuranceStream has an easy to use user interface providing a three-step load process
– File Loading, Processing, and Submission.
And meets the ATO Operational Framework security standards and ISO27001.

Works seamlessly in the background

Once it’s set up, files are automatically processed in the background to deliver a standard file format and provide the information you need when you need it.


There was no manual intervention required and admin teams got time back in their day.


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