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Partner Solutions

Working with partners to provide solutions to their clients

Should you build it yourself or partner with a provider?

That's one of the biggest questions we get.

Our partners enjoy the benefit of scale that buying an off-the-shelf solution affords. 

One that's proven. Maintained. And continually invested in.

Payroll Providers

We support over 60 Payroll providers with Single Touch Payroll Solutions and managing Super. 

Software Partners

We can work together to develop a custom
solution that compliments your offer. 

Ready to Explore your options?

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Seamlessly integrate
 your existing payroll
system via a secure API.


Choose to have your
very own secure employer portal to upload files. 

Pay Super

Streamline your payment needs with only one process.

Reconciling data and
payments is easy. 


Employer Deductions

Digital Messages

Send and receive messages via our secure messaging service.

Single Touch Payroll 



Easily generate reports
you need for your business including your payment history.
Single Touch Payroll 
Compliance Reports

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