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Payroll Solution Providers

Looking for a partner to provide digital transaction solutions? You're in the right place.

We make it easy for you to offer a combined Super and Single Touch Payroll solution for employers.

You can integrate with our platform the way that best suits your product.

Our solutions have been designed to simplify how you process super and Single Touch Payroll. We make it easy for employers to meet their tax and super obligations- not harder.

​At SuperChoice, we work the way you want to work.  Unlike other super clearinghouses, we give you the flexibility to choose what works best for you and your employers:

- message integration (upload to Employer Portal or direct integration via API or SFTP)

- payment methods (Direct Debit or Direct Credit)

- business support (you or us)

Flexible. Secure. And Compliant.  We're the better choice.

STP Phase 2 readiness

We will be ready to process STP Phase 2 reports on 1 January 2022.

We're working with our DSP partners to deliver.

Payroll providers who use our cloud-based STP solution will be able to test their solution in Q4. 

How Payroll providers can use our solutions

We provide a seamless way for payroll providers to offer additional services to your clients without the need for in-house expertise. You can partner with us, Clearinghouse, STP, and digital transaction experts.
We continually invest in our platform so you can count on us to deliver best in class solutions. 


Step 1 
Choose how you want to connect
API, Portal or a mix of both (Hybrid)

Step 2
Set up and go.
Most businesses can be up and running
in a matter of minutes.

It can really be that easy. 
Make the switch.

The Employer Super Clearinghouse Portal and API solutions can be readily integrated into payroll software and can also be used by any bureau service to enroll employees and pay their superannuation.  

Key Features
  • Employer Self Registration Service

  • Payroll Wizard File Upload – any format

  • Proven API

  • Data Validation, Enrichment and Exception Handling Services

  • Multiple payment methods - single payment using Direct Debit, Direct Credit or BPay

  • Full contribution histories

  • Service portal enabling Payroll Providers to manage employer queries

  • Client service team supports employer and payroll provider queries

  • Single Touch Payroll

Simplify your admin

Simplify your admin

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