Single Touch Payroll (STP)

The seamless way to meet your STP reporting requirements

All businesses need to submit an STP Pay Event report the same time employees are paid.

We've made it as easy as possible with our STP Solution.

Your options for Single Touch Payroll

Local Coffee Shop
Under 4 Employees

Small Employers

Through your cloud-based accounting software.

5 - 19 Employees

Mid-Size Employers

Through your payroll provider.

Office Space
20 Plus Employees

Large Employers

Go direct through SuperChoice
or through our partners.
A. Super Fund 
B. HR  Payroll System


** Note: Minimum charge is $10 per month

​SuperStream, Single Touch Payroll, and AllPay.

Did you know, the SuperChoice platform supports all your digital transactions? 

Single Touch Payroll with SuperChoice

SuperChoice has helped many businesses successfully change STP providers without a hitch.

Make the switch today.