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Single Touch Payroll 

What you need to know about Single Touch Payroll

Every business with an employee needs to report every pay event to the Australian Tax Office via the SBR2 messaging channel. 

Seamlessly embed Single Touch Payroll standards in your business, secure in the knowledge our solution is compliant with ATO technical data standards.

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ATO requirements

The STP pay event report must be submitted to the ATO on the same day salary and wages are paid and include details of your employees, salary and wages, PAYGW amounts, Superannuation paid, allowance, ETPs etc.

Your options for sending the STP pay event report


Depending on the payroll software used, you may need to engage an approved sending service provider (SuperChoice) to send the STP pay event report to the ATO.

1. Upload to SuperChoice STP Portal

Our employer portal is for employers who can extract STP pay event reports but need help to send to the ATO. You can use our portal to manually upload the STP pay event report, validate data pre-submission, send and receive STP messages. SuperChoice STP Portal also supports Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

2. API Integration with your payroll provider

We have worked with payroll providers to seamlessly enable submission of your STP pay event report straight from your payroll software via an API to our STP platform. This includes pre-submission data validation and messaging services.

3. Hybrid Approach

Some employers prefer to submit their STP pay event report straight from their payroll software via API to our STP platform but need the SuperChoice portal to view, access and manage messages.


What does Single Touch Payroll cost?

SuperChoice charges a fixed fee for our STP messaging service.  It's not based on volume or megabytes of data so you'll always know what you're up for. 


  • Control costs

  • Manage your budget

  • Plan for it

For most companies, implementing an STP solution isn't complex. It can be as simple as uploading the STP report to the SuperChoice portal or checking a button to submit as you do your payroll. 

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Before making a decision about Single Touch Payroll you need to have a good understanding of your business needs. The questions to ask are;

  1. How complex is your payroll? Single of Multiple ABN's? Frequency?

  2. Do you want a solution that integrates with your payroll software or do you want to upload data files?

  3. What pricing structure do you want for your STP messaging service?

  4. Do you need to work to a fixed budget or are you ok with fluctuations?

  5. Do you want to reduce the risk of ATO errors? Can the solution pre-validate STP data onscreen before it's submitted?

Selecting a provider

Although on the surface STP solutions may look the same it will help you in the long run if you consider these questions.


  1. Can you get access to a test environment before you go live? Use it to cleanse data, test accuracy, speed, ATO message and submission errors.

  2. Does your messaging provider host all STP transactions simplifying your audit requirements?

  3. Can your messaging service guarantee message delivery?

  4. Is your messaging partner committed to delivering other digital transformation services?

  5. Is your partner readying themselves to implement new ATO initiatives in the pipeline?

Meet your Single Touch Payroll 2 obligations with SuperChoice

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