Superannuation Funds

Our platform powers digital transactions for Australia's largest Superannuation funds. 

More than Super
Although we built our business on delivering SuperStream solutions we haven't stopped there.
We continue to innovate and expand our service offerings to deliver all your transaction needs from the one place. 

Our service solutions

Superannuation Clearinghouse to meet your SuperStream obligations

  • Through our Employer Super Clearinghouse Portal, you can enroll employees and pay their superannuation

    • Employer Self Registration service

    • Payroll Wizard file upload service

    • Established interfaces into every superannuation administration system

  • Employer Super Data Gateway (Pass Through)

  • SuperStream Contribution Gateway (Receiving)

  • Data Validation, Enrichment and Exception Handling Services (WDX)

    Add on Services

  • AllPay – to pay all PAYG, PAYG (W) and non-super payroll deductions

  • Single Touch Payroll Pay Event reporting and Sending Service Provider

  • Payment and receipting handling and reconciliation services

  • Standard Business Reporting (SBR) services

  • Superannuation Rollover Exchange


Working with you

  • Analytics Service

  • Solutions consultant and professional services. 

Meet with us

We can help relieve your administration pressures and streamline your digital transaction process.