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Helping employers meet Super obligations

The SuperPay clearinghouse portal provides employers with everything needed to enroll employees, maintain their details, pay superannuation contributions, create and send Single Touch Payroll Pay Event Reports. ​

Simplify your admin with SuperChoice

Through our secure employer portal you can manage all your superannuation needs.
And now, you can do even more. 


SuperPay facilitate the transfer of messages between employers, super funds and the ATO. 

Right Format, Right Compliance

SBR messages
Provides the information and automation you need to meet your reporting obligations for MAAS and MATS.

SuperStream Message Format
We send and receive messages in the right format for Government and Super Funds.

Australian Clearing House Services
Facilitating SuperStream contributions and roll-over messages - matching data and payments.

Why use SuperPay?


Register Today

Employers can self-register online and be up and running the same day.


You know it works, proven compliant solution

Australia's largest Super Funds have trusted us to help them manage and pay Super for over 20 years and you can too.

Our solution is compliant, secure and simple to use.


Saves you time

Only one file to transfer Super payments where you need them to go. No need for multiple uploads.
Smart validation rules pick up errors as you go, saving you valuable time in re-work.


Australian Support Team - on your time-zone

Our client services team are here to support you. Raise a ticket or speak to one of our team members.
Because Super is at the heart of our solutions you can feel confident we continually invest in the experience.

How it works


Seamlessly integrate
 your existing payroll
system via a secure API.


Choose to have your
very own secure employer portal to upload files. 

Pay Super

Streamline your payment needs with only one process.

Reconciling data and
payments is easy. 


Employer Deductions

Digital Messages

Send and receive messages via our secure messaging service.

Single Touch Payroll 



Easily generate reports
you need for your business including your payment history.
Single Touch Payroll 
Compliance Reports

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