Helping employers meet Super obligations

The SuperPay clearinghouse portal provides employers with everything needed to enroll employees, maintain their details, pay superannuation contributions, create and send Single Touch Payroll Pay Event Reports. ​

Simplify your admin with SuperChoice

Through our secure employer portal you can manage all your superannuation needs.
And now, you can do even more. 
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Benefits of SuperPay
  • Time-saving: One payment to the clearinghouse which then distributes to all superannuation funds – minimising administrative burden

  • Easy to register: Employers can register online

  • Easy to use: Once employers have entered the information required, that information is securely stored and re-usable

  • Flexible: If employers need to add, amend or delete an employee record they can log on to the website and do so directly

  • Compliant:  SuperPay is SuperStream compliant. For more information on your obligation go to the following ATO website:

  • Accessible: The website is available 24/7. The helpline is available Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm (Sydney time)

  • Secure: The website is protected by a private cryptographic key system called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is widely used by banks for internet banking applications

  • Supported: Employers are provided support tools and a client service team

  • Additional services available (Single Touch Payroll, AllPay).