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Partnership with SuperChoice and Frontier Software

SuperChoice has a new partner in Frontier Software. We are now their only supported provider of Single Touch Payroll solutions and ATO messaging services. Frontier Software is a large international payroll and HR software solution and services provider who have chosen to outsource their Single Touch Payroll (STP) solution. They were looking for an external gateway provider who understood ATO messaging requirements and were committed to maintaining the solution. According to CEO, Nick Southcombe, appointing SuperChoice was an easy decision. When you’re tasked with finding a compliant Single Touch Payroll solution for both your company and the clients you support, there’s a bit of pressure to get it right. We conducted an extensive review of known gateway providers to understand our options. Here’s what guided our decision. We wanted a partner we could rely upon To feel confident in our selection we needed to know whoever we chose would not only be there to set STP up, but also be there to support the solution if any unexpected problems cropped up.

We’ve found that in SuperChoice. Like Frontier Software, SuperChoice has been in business for many years. As a result, they have a track record of proactively reducing errors in reporting, saving clients’ costly ATO fines, and being highly responsive to client needs and leading the way in compliant solutions. Because of the flexibility and strength of their platform, we knew they would produce a solution that would work for our clients. All of those things add up to being a reliable partner for our business.

Experience counts As STP is a new service, we wanted someone who had a strong track record of compliance with the ATO. Not being compliant would be costly and time consuming for us and the clients we support. SuperChoice proved their solution was reliable, with ATO experience and proven checks and measures in place. Their strong connections with the ATO were also a big positive. Less room for error The thing with data is that it’s not always reliable. We wanted to reduce the risk of problems with the ATO, and were impressed with SuperChoice’s proven ability to pre-validate data and minimise errors before submission. This will potentially save significant time and dollars for our clients and for Frontier Software – as well as a high level of frustration at the client end. Handle messages on behalf of our clients Because we’re recommending SuperChoice as our preferred supplier we had to be 100% confident they would guarantee the end to end delivery of messages every time.

SuperChoice guarantees end-to end delivery and holds and resubmits data until it’s accepted by the ATO. Their system can also handle responses from the ATO and interpret the messages into a reader friendly format. Working together SuperChoice proved to be very collaborative as we worked closely together to develop an employer portal where our clients can fulfil their STP obligations. SuperChoice was appointed as the Frontier Software Services STP provider in June 2018.

“We’re very pleased to be able to partner with Frontier Software and support their clients’ with their Single Touch Payroll requirements. We’ve heavily invested in our platform getting ready for STP, over $25Mil. It’s exciting to see the solutions we’ve created being recognised outside of the Super community by leading software providers such as Frontier Software”.

Stuart Korchinski, CEO, SuperChoice.

Do you need help to submit your STP reports to the ATO? The team at SuperChoice are ready with a solution that integrates with the Frontier Software ichris / chris21 system.

You can test your payroll data by registering here and then uploading your file.

For enquiries relating to pricing or our STP service click this link and complete the form for a fast response and quote, or simply send us an email to and one of our consultants will respond.

For Enterprise pricing or account questions contact our relationship manager,

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