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Innovation is about making life easier for our customers

It's often the smallest changes that have the biggest impact. And that was certainly the case when we discovered a spike in error messages.


Here's what happened

Super funds were increasingly returning automatic error messages to our employer users. Incoming contribution and member registration message data didn’t match their records.

Automated error messages of this type create significant exception handling effort for our employer customers. When we looked into it, we found, member numbers were either incorrect or not included in the data set.

While this isn't a SuperStream requirement, we know many Super Funds rely on this data to manage their member records. We wanted to do something about it.

Our approach

The SuperChoice platform acts as the connector between Super Funds, Employers, Members and the ATO.

We were confident our platform can search and update missing or incorrect member data and reduce the number of error messages. So, we created an algorithm to address it.

The algorithm picks up missing or incorrect member data, and corrects it before contributions or member registration messages are sent to Super Funds. Communication is key

To help correct the source payroll data we collaborated with employers and super funds to show where errors were coming from and increased the visibility of reporting.

We also send proactive notifications of error causes so employers can easily update source payroll data. The result

The level of error reporting from super funds reduced by 75%. Dramatically reducing our customer’s error management effort.

And, as a bonus, the data is cleaner for Single Touch Payroll reporting. What employers need to do

It's time to update your payroll data so you stop this happening over and over. But we know this takes time. So in the meantime, our algorithm will pick up the errors and you can rely on our service innovation. While many employer customers will have updated their payroll data to prevent ongoing error messages, those who haven't can still rely on our service innovation.

The benefit

Less errors for the benefit of all. Employers, Super Funds and Employees.

We’re proud of the role we play in the superannuation ecosystem and are pleased that:

• Employers don’t need to wade through error reports any more. Saving them time. • Super Funds have improved straight through processing. • Employees get the benefit of contributions being invested on time.

A smoother, seamless way forward for everyone. Now that’s innovation.

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