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Accountants take note: it’s time to get your employers ready to embrace digital

Many small businesses still use spreadsheets and manual processes to manage their business. But with more and more employer obligations going electronic it’s time for businesses to go digital.

SuperChoice Digital Transaction Solutions for Accountants

The case for digital

With the productivity improvements already realised through SuperStream and now Single Touch Payroll, it should come as no surprise that the government continues to assess other employer processes that can be enhanced by going digital.

Most employers will have submitted data electronically to the Government or Super Funds by now and understand how going digital can enhance business operations. Benefits of digital

Employers who have gone digital benefit from time savings through streamlined processes, less manual administration, improved data quality and a more efficient and effective way to manage reporting.

Digital readiness and the importance of data Improving data quality is the first thing to focus on when getting digital ready.

1. Create a Single source of truth - bring all your data together. 2. Consistent labelling of data to match the ATO naming protocols. 3. Complete data sets with no missing fields or information.

What’s coming Through our involvement with the ATO over the past eight years we have had direct insight into what’s coming. And have helped shape and inform how digital solutions can benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes across Australia.

The next phase of digital will build on Single Touch Payroll to simplify reporting to the Department of Human Services, enable employers to send and receive standardised invoices from within their business software and integrate from Digital Identification.

SuperChoice, Chris Denney had this to say,

‘We know the Government roadmap will continue to push for more digital enablement. SuperStream was the Government’s first foray into electronic transaction processing, followed by Single Touch Payroll, with e-Invoicing next. Because we specialise in digital transactions and payments, we have the scale to continue to invest and provide services to our software partners and their employer customers. From sending or receiving electronic transactions or new electronic services to provide further efficiency and value to your business.

Getting digital ready for today and what’s coming is a huge priority for any growing business.’

How we help accountants

SuperChoice solutions can make life easier for you and your clients by supporting all their digital transaction needs within the same business portal.

  • We guarantee any messages sent by SuperChoice. This shields employers from any outages from the receiving party and automatically replay messages until processed.

  • Simple reporting with automated notification if message responses need actioning.

  • No surprises. Flexible billing models, with fixed costs.


Single Touch Payroll Less errors and rework STP files can be uploaded and submitted via our secure Portal – all data is validated against rules prior to submission to the ATO.

Works with your systems We can support any payroll solution that can extract an STP file.

Upload multiple employers in one go Save time by uploading multiple employers in the same STP file (saving you time and effort).

Best in class validations = less errors

Real time validation and correction handling before submissions.

Time saving

Your work won’t be lost when there’s errors. You’re able to correct the data errors before submission.

Real time feedback

Understand what’s happening within your fund as you process. You’ll get fund feedback on refunds and member numbers.

Flexible payments & reconciliation

Superannuation contributions payments can be submitted via direct debit or direct credit full reconciliation occurs with data prior to sending.

AllPay The easy way to pay employee salary deductions at once.

All at once Pay all your employee deductions at once (receipted) with a simple, single file upload and employer triggered direct debit.

Same time as Payroll Accurately transfer data and payments to multiple accounts and services at the same time as your scheduled payroll.

Think Digital – Think SuperChoice

Before you go digital, consider what you need to automate and how flexible your digital service provider can be to support everything you need. We're experts in enabling digital and payment transactions by creating connecting services to software partners.

We work together.

Ensuring a simple, seamless integration and experience for our customers – you.

Because the SuperChoice cloud-based platform is flexible, scalable and secure, we work with the systems you use. With the ability to integrate with any business software. Enabling Single Touch Payroll, SuperStream or Payroll deductions to be accessed from the one integrated platform.

Secure, reliable technology

SuperChoice has invested in excess of $25 million in new technology platforms to make the digital transition as simple as possible for our software partners and their employer customers. Our solutions work for any employer regardless of their size or existing software.

Need help to get your customers Digital Ready? Talk to us. The experts in digital transactions.

1300 659 436

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