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A digital future on the cards

A digital future on the cards for Nambawan Super in Papua New Guinea.

Nambawan Super and SuperChoice have struck a historic deal to make it easy for employers to pay Super. Paving the way for a bright digital future for Super funds and employers in Papua New Guinea.

Digital transformation

Through the partnership with SuperChoice, Nambawan Super employers can easily submit data, make payments, and manage employee details through a digital SuperChoice employer portal.

The employer portal is a welcome change from their existing paper-based model and manual processes and leads the way in employer experience.

‘We’ve been in the super space for 20+ years and we’re excited to see our scalable capabilities being applied to international requirements. It’s hard to put a price on the IP we acquired through government and industry-led reform. But we’re using our knowledge to help international clients bring best practices to how they work with their employers’ says SuperChoice CEO Stuart Korchinski.

A welcome solution

Nambawan Super wanted to make it easier for their employers to pay Super and reconcile payments to the right people while at the same time, improve data quality to benefit the fund, its employers, and members. The use of the digital SuperChoice employer portal removes the headaches associated with a paper-based system. Through the SuperChoice employer portal employers will: - collect the data they need to set people up correctly from the get-go - benefit from in-built validations that catch any errors

- have better data to work with which means easier reconciliation

- achieve real-time straight through processing (STP) to make the fund more efficient

It’s a win for all. Employees get their super paid quicker with more accuracy, employers simplify their process, and Nambawan Super gets the information they need to invest members super with real time straight through processing. The portal is currently being trialled by 12 companies including Nambawan Super’s own payroll team.

CEO Paul Sayer said “With the Nambawan Employer Pay, we aim to make things easier for our employers to remit their contributions to the fund, so members can get their funds allocated into their accounts efficiently and effectively.”

You can read more about Nambawan Super and the great work they are doing here.

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