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Our Single Touch Payroll solution is Job Keeper ready

With all the COVID-19 announcements and proposed schemes, employers are finding it hard to keep up with what they need to do. But now, Job Keeper legislation has passed. Details released by the ATO give clear direction on how employers can notify the ATO of eligible employees for Job Keeper and how payments should be handled. We're pleased to advise, the SuperChoice Single Touch Payroll solution is up and running, ready to help you administer Job Keeper Payments for your employees.


To work out which employees are eligible, it's best to go to the source. Our approach is based on the ATO Job Keeper Payment factsheet (as of 15th April).


Use Single Touch Payroll Event Reports to notify the ATO of eligible employees for Job Keeper payments

The good news is, you can use the STP Pay Event file to notify the ATO of eligible employees. Use Other Allowance Type The ATO confirmed that “Other Allowance Type” will be used to capture information related to Job Keeper. What you need to do You need to confirm that the Job Keeper descriptions can be captured as “Other Allowance Type” within your payroll product. STP payroll providers MUST reflect the following Job Keeper descriptions: 1. JOBKEEPER-TOPUP – only used for eligible employees who are paid less than $1500 per fortnight and receive a “top-up” amount to bring taxable gross to $1500 per fortnight. 2. JOBKEEPER-START-FNxx – where “xx” refers to the fortnightly period the payment first started. 3. JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FNxx – where “xx” refers to the final fortnight a payment was received. To simplify the implementation of this new Allowance type, SuperChoice will apply no validations on the new Job Keeper descriptions. This means payroll providers, MUST ensure that the Other Allowance type description is submitted exactly as described above. If the Allowance Type description is not exactly as described above, this may delay or prevent reimbursement of the Job Keeper payment.


Ready when you are - the SuperChoice Single Touch Payroll Solution is ready to go.

We have reviewed the SuperChoice STP platform and can confirm we are able to receive and send the new Job Keeper descriptions with no issues. Those payroll providers that wish to check that their product is able to generate the new Job Keeper descriptions within the Pay Event are encouraged to use the SuperChoice UAT environment. If you require test support, please contact your SuperChoice Account Manager.


Need help? If you have any questions about our services or portal please contact your Account Manager or email

All other Job Keeper enquiries are best handled by the ATO.


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