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International Solutions

We help you manage and pay pension schemes

Proven, secure digital transaction solutions

In Australia, we work in a highly regulated environment and have built our solutions to help employers comply with their obligations and simplify admin at the same time.

When you work with us you benefit from the experience (and hindsight) of implementing a mandated pension scheme and you can feel confident it works (we have been doing this since 1996).

Benefits of using SuperChoice Pension Solutions

Are you looking for an end-to-end solution that works the way you do?
Consider SuperChoice's ready-to-go Smart Enrol solution. 

Simplify Admin 

Our solutions connect everyone in the ecosystem - Funds, Employers, Employees, Government and the Tax Office. 

Improve your data


Our solutions talk to your systems to transform your data into the format you need.  

Solve your auto-enrolment problem

Our solution works throughout your member lifecycle. 

Proven Experience in the UK (since 2013)
Want your own ready-to-go solution?


Straight to our Portal
Seamlessly via an API


Pension Schemes

Single File Uploads
Smart Validation


Auto Enrol

Enrol Employees
Submit Contributions via our Clearing House

Give your customers a smoother experience

SuperChoice SmartEnrol is a web-based Portal providing comprehensive employer to scheme functionality

  • Contribution processing and payment clearing support between employers and schemes

  • Auto-enrolment and handling of the full member lifecycle

  • Handles both DC and DB/Hybrid products (both trust and contract)

  • Interfaces to both payroll (contributions) and HR (member information)

  • Automated processing directly into the member administration system

  • Extensive data validation, conversion and pre-processing

  • Flexible branding and web-site integration options

  • Multiple schemes supported per employer

  • Does not require an employer to do the splitting of files or pre-processing of employees

Allows for employees to be registered into schemes other than the main scheme (eg: NEST)

Glass Buildings

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Ready to give employers a better experience?

Want to know how you can leverage our proven capability and expertise? 

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