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Learn about Single Touch Payroll

What is Single Touch Payroll?

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a reporting change which affects employers across Australia. It is a mandatory requirement for employers with 20 or more employees to report through Single Touch Payroll from 1 July 2018.

The Government will be expanding this to employers with 19 or less employees from 1 July 2019.

It simply means that when you complete a payroll event, the tax and super information for each employee is sent to the ATO from your payroll solution at the same time as you pay your employees.

STP provides a more streamlined way of reporting to the ATO.

Aligning payments to occur at the same time that STP reporting occurs can provide employers with significant benefits by reducing reconciliation issues.

STP does not need to change your payroll cycle or when payments of pay-as-you-go withholding or superannuation contributions occur. You can continue to pay your employees weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  You may have different pay cycles for different employees.

STPright by SuperChoice

Whether you are looking to streamline reporting through an API solution or utilise our Award-Winning Web Portal to upload your payroll events, we can provide a solution for you and support you through your transition during the first year of reporting:

We are able to provide ATO compliant solutions to suit the needs of;

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Payroll Software providers

Payroll Outsource providers

Finance/Accounting professionals


Super Funds

Super Fund Administrators


Single Touch Payroll is a government initiative to streamline business reporting obligations. When an employer pays their employees, the payroll information is sent to the ATO from their payroll solution.

Single Touch Payroll mandates that all employers with 20 or more employees send their payroll information to the ATO with every pay event.

Simple STP Overview
Simple STP Overview

1 April 2018 : Employers complete employee count. Those with 20 or more employees at this date qualify for 1 July 2018 start date for STP


1 July 2018 : Employers with 20 or more employees must start STP reporting (optional for other employees)


1 July 2019 : Employers with 19 or fewer employees must start STP reporting

A phased ATO release schedule means that the complete ATO STP payroll reporting solution (i.e. payroll event, update event and cancellation) will be made available at various stages between July and December 2017.


Any solution that interacts with the ATO will also be required to complete a technical assurance process (solution certification & conformance) prior to roll-out to employers.

To be STP compliant all payroll software solutions will be required to:

  1. Extract all required STP payroll data as specified by ATO documentation:

    • Payroll event

    • Payroll update event

  2. Enable STP payroll data to be sent to the ATO using the agreed data format and channel delivery

    • Data Format is XML

    • Channel Delivery is SBR2 – ebms3 AS4

  3. Receive STP response messages sent from the ATO using SBR2


You can find updated additional technical information here (


SuperChoice can provide you with the following solutions:

  • Full Integration via API (Application Programming Interface) or sFTP (Secure File Transfer)                                

    • Fully integrated (ATO-XML format) pay event, update event file submission, full file replacement and ATO response messaging. Full validations against ATO business rules.

  • Web Portal upload                                               

    • ATO-XML file format upload for pay event, update event and full file replacement; STP submission history, hosted response messaging. Full validations against ATO business rules.

  • Integration a Web Portal Hybrid Solution

    • Integration for pay event, update event and full file replacement submission, with Web Portal for STP submission history, hosted response messaging. Full validations against ATO business rules.

To watch a demonstration of the SuperChoice STP Portal please click here

All of the above solutions will ensure you and your customers are STP compliant.


Features and Benefits of our STP and SuperStream Solutions
Complete Solution Overview

Below is a simple diagram of the message flows and how our solutions work together seamlessly:

STP Generic Overview 5th March.png

Our pricing is structured to support your needs. To develop an accurate pricing proposal, we require certain information which includes the type of solution you require (ie. API, web portal upload or Hybrid); your transaction volumes; and your support requirements.

We can send you a simple questionnaire in the first instance which you can request via the form on our Single Touch Payroll landing page or simply send us an email request on 

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