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The story behind our company and how we came to be the leading provider of digital transaction solutions in Australia.

SuperChoice is proud to be one of the first-ever FinTech companies established in Australia (1996).

20 years ago, customers had not even heard of a business that offered Software as a Service (SaaS), let alone what it meant for their business.

So not only did we need to build solutions from scratch (there was no history to draw upon), we also had to demonstrate and educate what the solution could do for our clients.

Transforming the industry

Our initial goal was always to transform the way the superannuation industry did things. And we’ve played a big part in making that happen.  Especially our involvement in bringing to market a SuperStream compliant Clearinghouse solution in 2014 and being the first Tax Office accredited Sending Service Provider to go live with Single Touch Payroll in 2018.


Our reputation may have been built on our robust SuperStream Clearinghouse solution but we haven’t stopped there.

There is a growing need for digital transactions for every size and shape of business. And a continued need to comply with ever-changing government regulations.
We provide market-leading transaction solutions designed to make things easier, simpler, and streamlined for everyone.

Our role is pivotal to connect the industry: Employers, Super Funds and their administrators, Life Insurers, Payroll Solution Providers, Accounting Software Providers, and ultimately employees.   

On a number of ATO and Industry working groups, we represent the customers we serve and get an inside view of regulatory change before it lands so we can ready our solutions. 

SuperChoice is privately owned by Potentia Capital and the CPS group.

Continued investment

SuperChoice has continually invested and developed new solutions that meet and exceed user and Government requirements. Constantly striving for more advanced, modern tech solutions to deliver market-leading solutions for our clients.

Keeping one step ahead so you don’t have to. 



Key moments in our history
We’re proud of the contribution we’ve made to the Australian Financial Services industry.
Leading the way for many industry-first solutions. 

Partner with SuperChoice

One Platform to Connect

No need for multiple systems and processes to meet your digital transaction needs.

  • Pay Super

  • Provide a Gateway solution to access the Superannuation Transaction Network

  • Report on Single Touch Payroll (STP)

  • Provide a range of Standard Business Reporting (SBR2) services via API

  • Pay employee salary deductions to any recipient

  • Pay Group Life

  • Manage your admin, compliance reporting and more.