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Superannuation Clearinghouse and Digital Transaction Solution Provider

Using our secure, compliant digital solution you can
pay and manage Super, report Single Touch Payroll, send data and payments 
and create reports that meet your compliance requirements. 


Secure Connection

Choose how you want to connect

Seamlessly integrate your existing systems via a secure API.



Choose to have your very own secure employer portal to upload files. 

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Digital Transfer

Everything sent via our platform
adheres to strict data transfer protocols to meet local regulations.


  • Confidently send and receive messages via our secure messaging service.

  • Transfer payments via our payments Gateway and Clearinghouse service.

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Simple Reporting

Easily generate the reports your business needs including Single Touch Payroll, Trustee Reports, and more. 


We follow the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) format.

Choose the solution you need

We've designed our solutions to work independently alongside each other. 
This means you only need to connect to one system to meet all your digital transaction needs.
Or just pick the option you need right now.

We work how you want to work

Our solutions work in the background to help you manage Super payments, Single Touch Payroll Reporting, Employee Distribution Payments, and more. 

Designed to connect to how you do things today.

Our solutions talk to any system to transform your data into a compliant, ready to use format.

Super Solutions

Clearing House and Gateway Services for Super Funds, Trustees, and Employers. 

Single Touch Payroll (STP1&2)

Message and Report on Single Touch Payroll via your existing solution or direct via our portal.

Partner Solutions

Why re-invent the wheel when you can plug in one of our solutions behind the scenes. 


Smart and Powerful

Data Capability

Save hours on manual re-work with our smart validation rules that can map any file and transform
any piece of data.


Governance by Design

We've built our platform with Government regulations in mind. 

With inbuilt checks and measures to reduce risks and ensure compliance.


Well connected

We connect your systems so they talk to each other. 

Yes, even legacy systems. 

Our API connections work seamlessly in the background to transform your data.

About SuperChoice

About SuperChoice

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