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We're one of
Australia's largest
Digital Service Providers

securely moving information and payments where they need to go



You're in good hands

We're known for being a Superannuation Clearinghouse but as the need for digital transactions grows we're investing in more and more solutions to make life easier on you.

Helping our clients navigate their obligations for SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll

with our secure, compliant digital transaction solution.


Who we help

We connect the industry

Super Funds

A smarter admin system that helps you manage and report on Super, improves your data and simplifies admin for your employers. 


Simplify your admin life with SuperChoice solutions.

SuperStream, STP and AllPay.

Payroll Providers

Integrate your solution with SuperChoice.


Help your clients (employers) manage everything from one place including
Single Touch Payroll. 


We offer a simple, 
seamless way to meet SuperStream requirements. 



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